Welcome to the British Iron Association of Connecticut . We are a group of British motorcycle enthusiasts, dedicated to the preservation, conservancy and promotion of vintage British Motorcycles. Each summer, on the third Sunday in August, The British Iron Association of Connecticut hosts... Connecticut’s Finest Classic Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet "Brit Jam" It is a Vintage Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet with an "ALL MAKES MOTORCYCLE" show. We have music, food, vendors, clothing, a swap meet, and the show's best feature, is the door prize give away... A classic, club-restored, British motorcycle!


Next Meeting - Friday, May 4, 2018 - 8:00 PM


The British Iron Association of CT... As a club, has held meetings on the first Friday of every month since 1985. Fewer than two or three have ever being cancelled due to snow or inclement weather or other circumstance. This year, we will have had more than thirty-three successful Brit Jam events that have included swap meets and all brand motorcycle shows. Brit Jam has become known far and wide as one of the best meets in all of New England, New York and perhaps the Eastern seaboard. We have conducted many group rides, tech sessions, invited speakers, campouts, pig roasts, dirt riding, and booths at other motorcycle meets, along with other activities to round out the our club's membership activities. We've been goofing around on these two ]wheeled contraptions for a long time, forming great friendships and overall enjoying British (and other) motorbikes for . The British Iron Association was formed a few years earlier by Jaye Strait, in Massachusetts and was having some challenges in personnel, leadership, and direction. (There may be a look back at that some day, but we'll start with the formation of our little deal for the moment.) Three chapters of the BIA had formed within the National British Iron Association: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. In order for Member to belong to a local chapter, they had to belong to the National Association as well. So with divided regional loyalties, and two dues to pay, splintering began to take place. Despite the extra dues, the BIA of CT formed anyway, thanks to a small dedicated core group. Ultimately the National Association folded, and of the remaining chapters, two chapters continued on. The Massachusetts chapter and the Connecticut Chapter formed individually and no one is sure why or when the New Hampshire Chapter dissolved Pete Thiel and Bob Goulet met at the gate of the Turners Falls British Bike Meet in the fall of 1985, Pete was riding a 72 Triumph Bonneville. and Bob thought the bike was great, and that's when Bob and Pete started talking about starting a Connecticut Chapter. That was the first motorcycle event ever attended by the Connecticut group. So from humble shoe string beginnings and the contributions of time and money of many generous people the BIA of CT has come. The British Iron Association is established and organized for the purpose of brining people together who have a dedication to preserve and promote the British Motorcycle. by Pete Thiel~

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